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Nyah-Humphreys Central Elementary School-Humphreys, Korea

Nyah Marie Toyloy

Humphreys, Korea

Life Being A Military Child

One thing about being a military child is that your Mom or your Dad works for the military. They have to work for a very long time mostly till night, so sad. Second thing about being a military child is that your Mom is the only one who can drop you off at school. Your dad, you barely get to see in a day and sometimes whoever goes to the military you can barely see them. It's like it's not even there but lucky for me my Dad gets home at 4:30. Then I have him for the day but sometimes he has a night shift. This is so sad because jobs just ask for so much don't they?

Do you know what else being a military child is about? Living in tiny houses. They all look the same and it's so annoying not knowing what house is yours. They’re so small. I just can't get over the way that it's so small. Well that's all you should know about being a military child. If you guys are a military child as well, I think you might agree with me being a military child. Do you wanna know what else life is like being a military child? You get to school early, you can even walk or ride a bike to school and you won't miss a thing.

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