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Nylah-Kinser Elementary School-Okinawa, Japan

Nylah Walker-Wright

Okinawa, Japan

Being A Military Child

Roses are red Violets are blue. We military children are extraordinary, and you are too. We’re always running wild to new places as a military child. You'll lose your friends; you may be sad but just know traveling isn't that bad. We make new friends but that doesn't mean our journey has come to an end. It's going to be fine; you're still going to shine. Keep in contact, come on let's chat, it'll be okay you'll bounce right back. Please get back up, I'll throw you a rope, come on please just don't lose hope. You should love being a military child you get to run wild. Place to place it's like a migrant. Lots of children cannot do that! You guys are really special and don't forget that! There are people waiting just for you. They may look new but soon when you move, they’re the people you know. One day you'll come to a stop to find your forever home, forever friends, and then you'll be happy again! Now your journey has come to an end.

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