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Sebastian-Humphreys Middle School-Humphreys, Korea

Sebastian Soto

Humphreys, Korea

Military THING

I have been in Korea for about 3 ½ years and I am going to be staying here for about 2 more years. It is fun here. There is lots of fun stuff here, yah yah, 50 words.So I found out you need 250 words so I guess I need to type more. We go to lots of fun places here. We have a dog and a cat. I have a mom and a dad and a little sister. Sometimes we go to California and other places. It’s hard to have birthday parties because you keep moving. I have to watch movies on the plane when I am bored or take a nap. It’s hard at the airport but it is ok too. Next it is not too bad on the plane or airport. THe only bad thing is we can’t take our pets with us.We go to california sometimes and see my friends. I see my family who are also going to florida. My dad is in the army. So Korea is a fun place. I don’t have much to say anymore soooooooooo I just say about myself now. I am ten years old and going to be eleven in august 9th 2022. I just need to type a little more but I guess this is done.


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