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Violet-Seoul American Elementary School-Seoul, South Korea


Seoul, South Korea

Being a military child, I have to move sometimes. I live in Korea because my dad works on the army base. There are some schools here, on the garrison, and a lot of things like a hotel called the DHL. That is short for Dragon Hill Lodge. The PX is where we get toiletries and all kinds of things, but you can’t get food. It’s not a place that sells food. It’s like a shop with no food. Sure, there’s water but there is also candy which most kids love.

If your dad or mom are not in the military then they might be a civilian. My dad was in the army when he was younger, but now he is a civilian worker so he can go on base and go to all the places like the library and the post office. Oh and I forgot to mention if my dad was in the military then that means I am a military child. Yes, I have moved sometimes but that doesn’t mean it will ruin my life. I think of it as a New Adventure.

As a military child, I get to do things that some kids that are not military children don’t get to do. I get to travel a lot and visit countries that I have never been to. I am 9 right now and I will be here until I am 13, but sometimes I will visit my home in Pennsylvania. Just because I moved, this does not mean I can’t see my family again because I can visit them anytime. When I am older and have kids then I can tell them what it was like to be a military child. I can tell them stories about all the adventures I went on. I do enjoy being a military child.

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