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Zakiyah -Humphreys Middle School-Humphreys, Korea

Zakiyah Mingo

Humphreys, Korea

What It's like Being a Military Child

I am a military child. My family and I have been to a lot of places over the years.We spent most of our time in Georgia. But when i was younger we went to Belgium, France and we loved it there!My dad on the other hand hated it!But he learned how beautiful the palace can be! We lived next to a farm and I would feed the cows leaves, they were so cute. When I heard that we were moving to my room and cried but I learned that being a military kid had its ups and downs but it's always fun. When we moved back to Georgia, I was in third grade at the time and I made lots of friends that I miss to this day but I know that I will see them again but when I was there I found my best friend Chloe! Me and her were so close that we never left each other's side! We were like sisters are still are, me and her got mistaken for sisters way too many times to the point where we would say yes! It was so funny to us but then the whole school found out about it and we couldn't stop laughing! Then we moved here after two years. Now we are here in Korea and I want to learn so much about this place! I can’t wait to learn what I can do in this place.

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