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Conner-Seoul American Elementary School-Seoul, South Korea


Seoul, South Korea

Even though I am not a military child, my dad is actively working in the military base as a nurse. Like being a military child, I can access many places. I mean by everywhere not just Korea (south), like Kansas, another country, even Alaska. We have access to Yongsan Garrison and the places in it and out of it, like to go to school (SAES), to travel to new places, and to attend mass. We get more privileges than just this even in other places than Korea.

When it was still winter break we went on a vacation that was hosted and paid by the hospital and church for us. It was for that we can spend time with our family away from work. It was also for family time. The church also has hosted movies at the park. They were just for fun though. When my dad goes to deployment to get better at his job, we all miss him. But for more than one week mom asks my grandma for help. Sometimes he also goes away another time after 2-3 days after he comes back. After he comes back, it’s time to say bye to grandma. And she will come back another time.

So this is my experience of being a military child. Even when my parents retire I will always be a civilian of a DoD staff. When I move or live in another country, I’m still a child of a military civilian everywhere and I will always will be.

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