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Sofia-SHAPE American highschool -Belgium

Sofia Querat


The life of a military-connected child

Being a military child, how does that feel? Well, I’m not sure. My dad has never been in the military, but he works for NATO as a civilian. It’s interesting because I can’t really say what my dad does for a living, and I kinda have no clue. It’s kinda funny actually. Being connected to the military means that you usually travel a lot. I can’t imagine living where I was born for my whole life or not living in an international environment. Most of the people I know are actual military children, so they rotate a lot, while I just stay here and watch them leave. It’s sad, but it also gives me a fresh start and I meet new people. It’s been an interesting experience, even though I have been in Belgium most of my life, I still managed to travel throughout Europe, make friends from all over the world, know different cultures and eat lots of different foods. It’s not all bad being a military-connected child, there are definitely positives and negatives, but I can’t really imagine my life any other way.

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