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Kayla-Lester Middle School-Okinawa, Japan

Kayla Pico

Okinawa, Japan

Bloom where you are planted

You bloom where you are planted

Just like the dandelion

Even though the change is hard

The end of the tunnel will always brighten

The seeds spread out and adapt

To their brand new home

The change is tough but they suck it up

And so must I to be bold

For the next 3 years, this is my place

But when my time is up we do it all again

But no matter what it makes me happy

To be part of this mission and always making friends

Make new friends but keep the old

One is green and one is gold

We bloom where we are planted

It can be anywhere, even Japan

We must go where the Military sends us

That has always been the plan

But even if we like it or not

We chose to be happy or mad

The place can be worth a shot

And no matter what it’s all we’ve got

So we better make the best of what we have

We grow where we are planted

We grow, we sprout, bloom

That’s the military child way

It can all happen too soon

But we make the best of what we are handed

And its an adventure every day

We adapt to what we are granted

Then we can all bloom where we are planted

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