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Dejah-Matthew C. Perry High School-Iwakuni, Japan

Dejah Arroyo

Iwakuni, Japan

I have been a military child for almost my whole life. In the beginning, it was confusing. When I was younger, I never understood. But it never really bothered me why we would move every three years, leaving friends and family. Now that I am older, I see the pros and cons of being a military child. Some of the difficulties of being a military child are every rotation, we have to move away from friends and relatives, or someone always moves away from me. So, when I moved, I felt as if I was always missing out on everything: friends' or families' birthdays, hanging out with my friends, and making new friends.

I also did not want to leave my schools and teachers. I think I made most of my memories in school, and leaving that behind was a struggle for me most of the time. Going to a new school and trying to cope with new learning techniques and how teachers taught was challenging, but after staying, you get used to it, but then you have to leave it all behind when it is time to leave.

Nevertheless, there are always advantages of being a military child and traveling all over the world and seeing all the different cultures around you. I can always make memories of trying out new things and spending time with my family and new friends. There might be situations of being a military child you might struggle with, but there will always be something that you will make memories of and share with others.

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