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Joseph-Matthew C. Perry High School-Iwakuni, Japan

Joseph DeWolfe

Iwakuni, Japan

Our Life

Being in a military family has its ups and its downs. Moving often is part of the less glamorous side of being in a military family. Just to give a little insight, when I move this summer, it will be my 8th move in 17 years. That is just the beginning of the many struggles we all deal with. But it isn’t all bad, because so many families move so often, most kids pick up really good social skills and can make friends faster than everyone else. Another perk would be getting to see different cultures all over. For me, I could say that I’ve driven across the country two times and lived overseas for two years. Not many people my age get to say that, and I think that is pretty cool. I’ll end by saying that kids of service members are presented with a set of hard challenges but also pick up a lot of helpful life skills and lessons that most normal kids don’t get.

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