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Morgan-Matthew C. Perry High School-Iwakuni, Japan

Morgan Drummond

Iwakuni, Japan

Watching Them

I am not a military child. Most of my friends however, are. I don’t get the same opportunities as them to travel the world, but I do get the opportunity to meet them. The versatility of my friends has allowed me to get to know their cultures and lifestyle. But with making military friends comes the downfall. Watching them leave your life forever.

It is heartbreaking seeing them leave, but it is even more heartbreaking when you know they don’t want to leave and they can’t do anything about it. Sometimes they move far and with the distance, the closeness of the friendship tapers away. Sometimes you miss the chance to say goodbye and express to them how important they are to you.

My best friend once said we are all ticking time bombs waiting to explode, but when we are with each other the bomb stops ticking and there is nothing but joy and the smell of teen spirit. Being friends with military kids is an honor but often a loss. Sometimes I wish that I was one too because then maybe I would be better at letting go. Watching them be torn away from people who become family never gets easier no matter how accepting you are.

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