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Owen-Matthew C. Perry High School-Iwakuni, Japan

Owen Trigo

Iwakuni, Japan

Wild International

Hi, my name is Owen. I’m 16 years old, and I’m a military child. Together with my parents and my two siblings, we have traveled the world. I’ve traveled and lived in three separate continents, and have been to somewhere around 15 separate countries. I’ve honestly lost count. This is the life most military children have.

Now, this might seem like a cool life to have. You would be right; it is pretty cool to be a military child! I’ve met plenty of really cool people during my travels, even people I still consider to be my best friends, who are also military children. I first moved to England. During the surprisingly short period of four years, I made my best friends and saw a good chunk of Europe with my family.

Unfortunately, with the large amount of travelling that military kids get to experience, this means we never really have a place we can actually call “home.” We’re at the mercy of where the military wants to move our parents. I’ve been lucky enough to call Albuquerque, New Mexico my home, but I’m well aware other kids aren’t. It’s really conflicting to not be able to keep a childhood home or keep friends, in exchange for a life of seeing the world. All I have to say is that I’m incredibly thankful for the internet to keep me and my friends and siblings connected, even with a whole ocean between us. With this conflicted life I live, I don’t think I’d trade it for anything. I love being a military child, even with the many conflicts that comes with it.

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